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Optimal maintenance strategies. On time and on budget.

Reliability goes beyond handover of a maintenance build project. Done the right way, it is possible to establish a foundation for ongoing strategy alignment and optimization across the life of your assets, while delivering a cost-effective maintenance build.  



Improve the speed, quality, and cost of maintenance builds to achieve reliability and availability targets.

You need to determine the most cost-effective way to the maintenance build project and deliver optimal asset performance once the project goes into operations. If you chose to follow a traditional maintenance build path to attempt to save cost and time, by excluding a data-driven bottom-up analysis, chances are you will not deliver on those performance targets. When you follow an Asset Strategy Management (ASM) process, it’s faster, easier and more cost effective than ever to develop intelligent plant design and reliability strategies that support your assets through the whole life cycle. 

Develop Strategies Faster.

Simplify the process of completing maintenance builds by streamlining file and data management while utilizing a strategy library to save time and reduce costs.  

Sustain Optimal Strategies Over Time.

ASM enables dynamic reliability strategies that keep pace with operational requirements while evolving over time to reduce risk and cost for sustained performance improvement. 

Leverage IP for Future Projects.

Save more time and reduce costs of future projects by easily leveraging the asset reliability strategies that have already been developed and improved over time.  

Asset Strategy Management for Capital Projects

Industry leaders use Asset Strategy Management to build reliability into capital projects with cost and risk-justified asset strategies that deliver on performance targets over the entire life cycle.

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