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Upstream to downstream, we'll help you to safely optimize operations, maximize production, and manage risk, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

Optimizing the future of oil & gas

Success in Oil and Gas is driven by production capacity, efficiency, safety and environmental impact. One of the biggest controllable variables in delivering performance is equipment availability and capacity.

The challenge is to determine and deliver the best balance of risk, cost and performance from all assets.

Effective Asset Strategy Management - a fundamental pillar of asset management - enabled by people, technology and data, delivers consistent and justified asset maintenance strategies to an entire asset base, ongoing. Helping the mining industry achieve the idea balance of cost, risk, and asset performance.

What is Asset Strategy Management?

ASM is a structured process enabled by technology that manages reliability strategy over time to ensure that the optimal strategy is on every asset and in alignment with the performance goals of the organization at all times.


The Value of ASM

The three phases of ASM

Breaking down the process into these core elements works for both an initial implementation and ongoing.

BUILD - Set the structure for reliability strategy and develop baseline, optimal reliability strategies for each equipment type for a given criticality.

DEPLOY - Once you have a baseline FMECA based reliability strategy for each asset type you are ready to deploy the baseline reliability strategies.

SUSTAIN - Governance of asset reliability strategies ensures compliance and drives continuous improvement of the maintenance plans employed on all assets - ongoing.

Are you tackling these key initiatives?

The Digital Transformation is a hot topic for the oil and gas industry. But what exactly does it mean and how can you ensure you've set a solid foundation for the digitization of Asset Management?

The technology we use is always improving, but without improving asset reliability strategies and then updating associated maintenance plan master data, many EAM system upgrades or consolidation efforts, fail to deliver a tangible result.


A central source of truth for your asset reliability strategies just makes sense, but organizing and structuring relevant data from multiple different sources doesn't have to be a headache.


Reliability goes beyond handover of a maintenance build project. Done right, it's possible to establish a foundation for ongoing strategy alignment and optimization across the life of your assets, while delivering a cost-balanced maintenance build. 


APM can play an important role in your overall reliability strategy, but it won't proactively structure your asset maintenance strategies which is the biggest driver of asset performance. That is where Asset Strategy Management (ASM) comes into play.


Super-major oil & gas Producer improves speed, quality and cost of maintenance builds

Using Asset Strategy Management solution, OnePM they were able to decrease expenditures and increase delivery speed, while completing the highest-quality capital projects in terms of maintenance and reliability.


BP's approach to data-driven reliability decision making

Watch David Toepfer (Reliability Advisor, BP America) discuss how he is helping to transform the way BP drives business value from risk-based decisions, how to effectively organize information to align decision-making with operational targets, and the role of technology and machine learning for world-class reliability and maintenance.

The Complete Guide to Asset Strategy Management

If it's your job to develop and deploy reliability strategies to maintain healthy assets and equipment at the lowest cost to your business - this is an essential guide.

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